We all are aware of the fact that people are migrating from their native state to other state for various reason among which one of the major reasons is education .

When we think about this topic we will come across some questions and one of the most common question would be why do people have to migrate for education. Migration is a way to move from one place to another in order to study work and live. People move from their place and come to another city , state or county for a better education , occupation , shelter . From the past few years , migration has increased from rural areas to the urban areas. There is a strong bond between migration and education as education is a primary necessity for everyone , students tend to migrate to places that offer more opportunities for career advancement and have malleable class structure than other societies. Freedom can also be the major pull for migration of people , migration also brings entirely into contact with new ways of life. A change of new geography , climate and weather conditions can be very interesting for migrants. But they will have to leave behind family members and friends. When they make their journey to a new place.

Though migration has a lot of advantages , it might cause problems to the migrants too. The most primary problem is in learning the culture. Sometimes a migrant man not be able to adopt to the new environment , he or she might face difficulties in living an independent life. Migration also gives raise to financial problems. Education being the basics for all profession is something very significant in everybody’s life. Migration can also take place due to professions like teachers , army person etc.. So they will have to migrate from place to place. As the quality of education differs from one state to another state henceforth the percentage of migration for education also increases gradually .Here is an interview conducted with a person who has migrated from Assam to Karnataka to get better education


The pros of migration for education can be good eduction structure and proper facility but morever it can lead to more disadvantages too. People get into new environment and it would be hard for them to face some situations as they are independent but on the other hand people tend to be independent Personally. I feel migration for education is a good choice because when it makes a student become more independent , he becomes more aware while taking any sort of decision as he/she thinks independently aswell as since they are open to newatmosphere they learn how to takecare of their safety and all together when are they perfect in these and get a good education they can ace in their life.Migration helps an individual to improve their learning skills which inturn help in their education. Migration takes place globally in which the college provides them a migration certificate and they can student elsewhere . To know more about this there is another audio regarding the migrant from utter pradesh


Henceforth We can come across various set of reasons for the migration of education. The increase in population of our country is directly proportional to the increase in migration status.

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